Videotel’s most commonly known training system is the Training Library. A Videotel training library will provide 20 vessel relevant programmes selected and customised by the client.

VOD - Videotel on Demand - takes On Board training to the next level, Providing in excess of 350+ vessels specific training titles, VOD also tracks all training conducted by the crew.

Videotel’s training material is commonly used by international Educational Academies, Crewing Agencies and Ship Management Offices.

The scope of Videotel’s material allows Ship managers to concentrate on enhancing your crews’ awareness & knowledge and prepare them for their day to day on board tasks.

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Videotel offers a wide range of services that interlink the on board and on shore utilisation of training systems.

Training recorded by VOD can be administrated, managed and analysed using Videotel’s award winning webFTA service.

webFTA as a platform also allows access to Online Questionnaires, Online Courses and Content as well as Competency Mgt.

Videotel’s success was built on the moving image over 30 years ago. A picture says a thousand words and there are 25 frames per second in a film.

Videotel’s video & workbook packages are used on over 9500 internationally trading vessels, commonly used as an addition to the regular on board training sessions and drills.

Videotel’s CBT packages take the essence of the video and workbook, fusing the latest CBT technology with tutorial and testing functionality.

The CBT packages from Videotel allow for individual testing and assessment of your crews’1 subject knowledge.

The CBT material is part of Libraries and VOD, with the ability to communicate test results to webFTA.

Videotel’s Courses are extensive and follow the officially STCW Modular Course Structures.

Videotel’s Courses will require a minimum of 10 hours completion time and include all the common functionality of CBT Services.

Courses are available in Libraries, VOD and Online.

Videotel Courses also offer official flag-state approved certification.

VOD is high spec’ed MiniComputer with all the hardware supplied ready to use out of the box. The system comes with approx.  350+ pre-installed vessel specific programs. These range and vary in format offering access to

  1.     VIDEO & WORKBOOK 


  3.     COURSES

  4.     DRILLS

VOD also automatically tracks all the  training that is access on board. It system is very easy to maintain with many automatic functions built in.

All data can be shared with the Videotel online service called webFTA, allowing you to analyse, maintain and manage your crews training needs and achievements. A comprehensive reporting tool is built into VOD incl. a training scheduler & matrix.

webFTA allows access to all training records from all ships and offers a variety of data assessment tools. webFTA works by importing training records data from VOD, its on board partner program.

Working from online databases makes operations run smoother for everyone. New automation techniques considerably reduce the administrative burden of transferring training records from ship to shore and shore to ship. This approach simplifies the system, saving time tracking crew training, and processes audits quickly. It also helps show adherence to the ISM Code.

  1.     View an individual’s records

  2.     Run & Export reports for further analysis

  3.     Keep a record of seminars and crew attendance

  4.     Set rank related pass rates for CBT and courses

  5.     Manage training schedules




Courses Online

  1.   Extensive Catalogue

  2.   DVD & Workbook

  1.   Video & Book included

  2.   Tutorial & Testing

  1.   Video/Audio/Print

  2.   Official Certification

Questions Online

Competency Management

DVD & CBT Library

Videotel On Demand